Christian has multiple customers as IT consultant. He is near mister honest. One of his favorite places is at the Thornstow Ltd. The atmosphere, the type of work and Adriana make this location fantastic. She is appealing, smart and a liar. She doesn’t tell him what really goes on in her mind and the results of that. After working hours she performs biochemical experiments with the vessels that are built at Thornstow. These are normally giving her more insight in her pursuit to create new types of food that are based on pure science.
While a traumatic thing happens in her live, Christian gives her more attention and support. He tries to help her get over it, but his attention is badly cut off when Adriana performs an ultimate experiment that even she had never thought about. Christian still wants to give her full support. He follows her when she can’t handle the pressure anymore. Can Christian give her back a peaceful life?
Published: 2022

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Bernard Bowers is a director at Bowers Building company. He wants to put down a new statement in office building in the Canadian surrounding of Toronto. He works hard to get it in place, with enough persons that want to stop him with his grandeur ideas. Bernard buys land to build the office, but soon it appears that the land is contaminated. With the help from Arthur Caron, he puts his plan on paper. Arthur understands Bernard needs him, but he also wants to break him for actions in the past. Does it get any further than the blueprint?
As he wants to grow the business, in after WW II years, the company buys apartments to modernize and sell again.
His wife, Jenny, has lost him over time in their marriage that lasts for 23 years now. She has formed a group with four other women to get art works one way or the other. They are the art sisters that everyone believes. The ones that are loved. She gets a finger in Bernard’s job as he asks her to redecorate the bought apartments. Will she succeed while knowing that Bernard has a big ego?
Published: 2021

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There is much at stake for all attendees. More than 10K persons try to get a seat on the new Project 1 alternative. The way to Mars, but it is one way only.
A large group fantasize about life on Mars. What would it be like? However, to be a part of the team to head out, a tough training plan is to be followed. Olmer, Jess surely don’t want to become dropouts. As the number of seats is limited, many selection rounds follow.
With only 40 people on board the spaceship, that form a new family, both boredom and technical problems occur in their 9-month journey.
Overcoming a number of issues, there is more to learn when arriving at Mars. What is there to be found? Did earlier NASA trips give enough information? Is there more on that, far away, planet?Published: 2018

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The book to prepare your own migration jobs within IFS Applications. Using this book helps you to quickly understand to import data from other systems into IFS Applications. The book dives into the simple migration tool and the usage of module Data Migration of IFS (FNDMIG). The book can be used in most versions of IFS (at least 7.x thru 9). Learn how to prepare simple update migration jobs, prepare and run connected jobs, schedule jobs and output results to a specified location. Examples and scripts are shown to make you get a head-start when starting to use migration jobs.
Published: 2018
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This book helps you to make the best use of CMS Made Simple (version 1.9). A content management system that can easily be extended with various modules. Ecommerce modules are explained. Find out how to set security and various other settings with regards to the core modules.
Published: 2011
Full color
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