Where do you get your ideas from is one of the questions that a writer will get a lot of the times.
This is the same for me. I sometimes wonder, what do I do in such a situation?
In the neighboorhood, I look around and in some of the seasons, I notice something that I didn’t see or explore before. There my first ideas came from. What if you want some more structure or a more or less infinite source of ideas.

Start by reading a paper and start fantasizing about one of the subjects. Let the flow of various elements mentioned in the article run free and later try to combine them.
For the book, I currently work on, 14000 words now, I ran across an article on a project (Dutch origin!) which will give a number of astronauts the opportunity to travel on a one way trip to Mars (Mars One project). I started wondering, what happens to the astronauts? What will the travel look like? I started imaging about conflicts, jealousness, misunderstandings. anything that might go wrong and how to give the short story a drastic or maybe unexpected end. Should the idea remain possible or was I allowed to push in items, places, locations that are not existing? I’m the writer, so I leave it up to your imagination how I dealt with the question.

How are ideas born in another way? I was at a music event. I noticed some identically dressed persons and wondered if I could do something with that. The main act would start in three-quarters of an hour, so I gave it a shot and wrote a short story (maybe to be found later here). This short story could be the start of a larger story. Who knows?

Where do you get your ideas from?
Wishing you good ideas,