Writing means for me, putting all those available words in the correct sequence. Like string beads on a thread. But is that what it really is, just words? No, not at all. Especially now that I’m reading and learning from ‘Writing 21st Century Fiction’ by Donald Maass. Writing a good book is more than the words is basically what Donald states. It is also writing the words in such a way that there is tension in every paragraph, sentence and even in words. It is to guide the reader in the change of characters. Not an easy task. Especially not for writers just starting. Hell, from other sources one must have learned, keep on writing. It is like performing a sport. If you want to get good at it you should practice over and over. Experiment, fall, make mistakes and get your own style with every failure. Important is, however, to keep your mind focused on your own goal with the book. Keep on believing it and the successors. I’m just doing that. I know my first novella is not top of the bill, but what the hack as an experiment I’m happy and I feel the urge to start with a new book. The idea is already growing. I’ll let you know more… when there is more to tell!

Happy writing,