I noticed that when I write, my creativity raises. I want to create. For my birthday I had gotten a subscription to writersdigest the magazine. In the October 2018 number, an article is placed by Bob Eckstein about writing and drawing cartoons. I like that so much that in my creative process I wanted to give it a go.
For this, I used my iPad with the ProCreate app. Together with an Apple Pencil, this is an incredible combination to have yourself draw whatever you like. The ideas come from just reading the newspaper. Every day there is some nice to know news that is not all that bad. I take those and try to come up with something that makes it into some sort of joke (at least for me).
My drawings are not the best, I know. I don’t mind, it is the practice that I miss and maybe that my drawings will improve when I practice enough. For you, just have fun with it.

The first is about an article that the Dutch wines get better and better. I’m not a wine drinker at all, so my opinion might not be the best :-).
Pinokio did lie once as well
(translation: Pinokio did lie once as well)

Happy reading,