So I use writing software at this moment from Simon Hayes (see yWriter). I really like that simplicity. Yet there is enough functionality to get the job done. Currently I’m writing a book with the software that is taking place in 1952 in Canada.
I trail of, what I wanted to tell is that Simon is an active writer with quite a lot of books under his belt. I subscribed to his newsletter and in one of them he asked readers for helping him with beta reading his newest Hal Spacejock’s book Cold Boots. I enrolled and not all that long after that I received material to go over. The level is already high. I have hardly found any non consistencies. Quite some new words for me. Some of them I just skipped, but the majority I had to look up. It sounds like that slows down the process, but on the other hand it helps understanding the story better and check if things are not in the correct order or some other hole in it.
I found only minor ones. Currently I’m at chapter 35. The book seems to have 38 chapters, so closing in on the end.
Simon expressed already that some of my remarks were useful. Once ready I will write a review which helps him in selling the book.
Are you helping someone to write a better book?

Happy writing,