I sometimes remind other people of a saying. I don’t think it is a complex one. To move a mountain start with the first stone. Ok, to really move it, you have to keep on performing the same steps over and over. Pick up a stone, carry it to the new location, drop it and walk back to do the steps all over again. I’m currently writing a book and this saying is covering what I feel now and then. The moving is actually not the stones, but it is the move of a thought to the paper. Next I have to return and capture the next thought. On an on it goes until a book is formed.
I just crossed the 50.000 words milestone. That gave a happy feeling. I have my thoughts at this moment to end it at roughly 80.000 words, so I still have to carry enough stones to move the complete mountain.
Oddly enough it doesn’t give me a good feeling now. Most likely this is due to the fact that I’m working on the middle. I keep on going.
In the meantime a lot of reading. Various books that learned me something new: that reading various genres and different authors (not only bestseller authors as I used to) gives me a better idea of what I want to write (or rather how I want to write).
Writing and reading, I love it.

Happy writing/reading,