One way or the other I had yesterday completely for my self. I had read in a book of Simon Haynes the option of writing in blocks of 500 words. I liked the idea and tried it yesterday. I did enjoy it very much. What is the recipe for this?
Define the size of a block in which a block is the number of words you want to write in one go.
Start at let’s say 11:00 and write a block. When you are ready with the block, stop. Don’t continue with the writing, stop.
Wait for 12:00 to come and start another block. Write it until you are ready. Wait for 13:00 to come and start a new block.
You get the drift.
What you did was write an awful lot and had some spare time in between.
I did enjoy it very much and stopped after 5 blocks.
Try it for your self.

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