It’s not that I think that I can earn a living or something like that when I looked for a competition to enroll and win one price after another. It’s just the ideas for writing a shorter work. The possible titles that pop up are great at that moment. Not all contests are like that of course. Some are for talented young writers (I’m only young in mind), some for non published ones (I’m one of them) and even other contests are for getting stimulated only. I think I’ve fallen for those, as via the writing prompts from Reedsy one gets per week the opportunity to write multiple stories. The price to win is 50 US$ at this moment. Again, it is not for the money. It helps me to get my imagination going on. This week I wrote for the prompt: ‘Write about someone keeping track of time with tally marks on a wall — until one day they discover that all the marks are gone’.

Previous prompts that I submitted a short story for can be found here:

Link to my short stories at Reedsy

I like to see that some people either like them or even review them. From the reviews I learn more about how they are received. Are you willing to review them? Or at least my last one?