I’ve great fun reading/editing my book. After writing I left it alone for at least ten months. Sure, it was on my mind during that time, but only for a short while as I was writing another book (which I hope to publish also in 2021). That other book is ready for editing, but gets the same treatment as Driven by Gold. To leave it for a time and not read it, correct it or something like that.

So what is the fun about a book that you have written? To be honest, I just liked the way it turned in some ways that I couldn’t remember anymore. So that makes it a page turner. Mmm, not really up to me to state that, but that is my idea. It was also fun to learn, yes again, how some characters evolve the way they do. I created chapters in my character bible for some of them. Yep, I write about the character in a separate book. Not a book that will ever be published, but one on my own shelve. In that bible I describe the character and only a subset of it I used in the book. It also allows me to write another book with one or more of the characters without loosing any features described in a previous book.

Happy writing and reading,