Oh, how I struggle and get a headache in which genre to write. I started with a book about a director of a building company in Canada. The story takes place not a long time after WWII. Gold was as important back then as it is now. Will the antagonist have problems with the gold that comes via an unexpected way in his hands?

I like the story, purely build upon my imagination. As a writer, I’m proud of this first book. Shure I’ve written other books. A novella like ‘Short Love’. And my supportive book on data migration for IFS Applications.

Another work of fiction is currently under my hands for editing. I’ve selected my editor for this book. If things work out the way I want them to I’m publishing it in quarter 3 of this year.

That leaves me with my next book. In my mind I have this thing that it should be the next book of the book in edit now. When I started, I wanted to know which genre it even falls under. Why do I care? Ultimately, I want readers to buy my books that I write. It helps when the books fit in a genre that is not that crowded. Yes, I want to write what I want, but in the end I want my books to sell. Ah, let me be totally honest, I’m in for earning enough money with the writing. I understand it takes effort and determination and I’m willing to put that in. As many writers, I learn from books, blogs and podcasts about writing and which path to follow. All say the same, keep going. Make those mistakes and learn from them.I’m thinking will it make sense to write in a particular genre to have my books on a lot of tables of book readers? I would love such a thing to happen, so genre is important. I have difficulty putting my current books in a specific genre, but put them in ‘Cozy Mystery’. ‘Amateur sleuth’ are also words that fit the books. My knowledge in my day-to-day job is in IT. It is in the consulting area. How can the software, as in use at the customer, be used to its maximum? Which steps to take in connected processes to make the best of the same software.
With that background I think I’m going for consultancy cozy mystery. A genre that I’m not able to track down yet. A niche for me? Is it a path that runs in a dead end? As Emily X.R. Pan wrote “We’re not lost. We’re just headed somewhere different.” I can easily translate that to: “I’m not lost. I’m just heading somewhere different.”

Happy Reading,