So there I am, sitting behind my laptop and on the right a firm espresso and on the left a printed version of the notes from the editor. Via 20books50k I came in contact with the wordfaery. I had still a lot of words to write before the planned check by her, but I managed to get the document in time on her desk. Erin seemed to have no problem of digesting my book in a small amount of time. Within the pre-defined horizon, she was able to send her critique and, have to say this, her positive words on the story. Once received I had had a quick look over the notes. Ok, I understood them, some pretty well detected by Erin. She gave some good criticism about some parts that I would never have found if I only used my own basic set of tools to prepare my book. Enthusiastic as I was once I finished writing the book ‘The Experiment’, now I didn’t laugh anymore. Some pretty big things at hand in the book.

– While writing this I notice that I moved away my book to the book. Is that bad? –

Characters that didn’t have a function in the story. Words used that are potential offensive in other than my own country.

Last year I started to edit the book with input from Erin and encountered a number of tough decisions. Now halfway through the editing, the ghost of not finishing the book loomed. I’ve been procrastinating to finish is. Discipline I had said multiple times to myself. But I always seemed to have another task at hand that needs more attention. Sometimes, however, you get inspiration from several things. For one I will be heading over to Lumb Bank for a writing course at the end of this year. Title of the course: ‘Cross the finish line (and make your novel shine)’. As it was meant to be. The other reason is less serious, I read a writing magazine with the theme: ‘How to market your book’. Coincidence doesn’t exist, does it?

Happy reading/writing,