Typical a sentence that was popping up in a 40+ mind. Of course it is already possible to meet each other online. In this situation, the online session was for those happy others that joined Lumb Bank in September 2022 with me.

Last Tuesday we had an online reunion and it was a delight to see each other again. Some have been able to spend quite some time on writing, others on editing and yet another set of persons are thinking what to write next.

Fun and fond memories were shared amongst each other. What I liked very much that we just continued with the conversations that we left of with at the end of the week at Lumb Bank. A pity that one day of that week was taken away by train employees being on strike. It had to be like that. That is at least something that will not hinder us to see each other online again.

A new date has been set and those included know when. We keep it a secluded group at this moment. Sorry if you are not one of them. Want to talk to me, just contact me :-).

Happy writing,