I’m a firm believer that audio books will become an important market. Yes, printed books will not go away, but how wonderful is the fact that readers can listen to what you have written. Short stories, novellas, series.

I can help you out with the preparation of the audio book as a narrator.

Get in contact with me to get your book transformed into audio.


Check out my portfolio, which are samples of audio books that I narrated:

Sample of House of Will

Free narration for a few lucky ones

I want to expand my portfolio.
For that reason I have:

Only 2 available of 15
but hey, sorry the vouchers are not valid anymore. See condition 5

Vouchers available that gives you the option to let me narrate your story.
1. A maximum of 5000 words are covered in this give away.
2. Only English and Dutch (:-)) are possible for me to narrate
3. You get all the copyright of the audio book
4. I’m allowed to use 5 minutes of the narration as a sample to publish on my website
5. Vouchers are available until December 31st 2020.
6. The quantity available is shown above. An accepted piece by me to narrate will decrease the quantity available
7. If you miss a condition, contact me and see what is possible