John was happy with his life as a store owner. He had been working hard for it and knew it had drawn a hard line on his family. Sometimes he would go on a short trip to cities in the neighborhood to relieve his mind.

On one of the trips he noticed a postit note in the bushes he walked by. John got on his knees and crawled in the bushes to get it. He didn’t care that the bushes teared at his clothes as if they didn’t want him to get it. Finally he got it. He stared at it, but could not read the text correctly as the light was dim. Something like ‘… no.. ed’ and there was some sort of drawing below it. He managed to get out of the bushes and grew excited that he would know the text soon. With more light he read ‘I’m now in bed’ and the drawing appeared to be a heart. 

John started fantasising who had written it and to who it was written. By the letter type he could tell that it was a woman.

On his way home, John came to the conclusion that the woman had meant it as a teaser to her husband, that she would be lying in bed in very sexy lingerie and waiting for the reader.

John came home and found a note on the table: Tired, of to bed. John went upstairs and found his wife in bed with another!