As you may know, I’ve been writing. I mean short stories, a novella, a book about software and a fiction novel about an adventures travel to Mars. Now, I’m on the brink of releasing a new book. This time a work of fiction how gold can disrupt ones life.

I’ve send out a mail to friends and loved ones to get their advance readers copy. You on the other hand I would like to learn to know. From my side, I’m Steve. To be blunt my first question to you is: would you be so kind to read an advance readers copy? Once done, I’d like you to write a review about it, an honest one. That would be for a site that I will mention to you once you want to support me. The synopsis of the book is:

Bernard is director at Bowers Building company and wants to build an office building in Toronto, Canadian. He works hard to get it in place, with enough persons that want to stop him. The land he buys for the office, appears to be contaminated. 
Architect Arthur helps him with his plan. Arthur understands that Bernard needs him, but he also wants to break him for actions in the past. Does it get any further than the blueprints?
Bernard wants his business to grow, in after WW II years, and starts to buy, modernize and sell apartments.
His wife, Jenny, tired of their marriage, forms a group with four women to obtain art works, one way or the other. They are the art-sisters that everyone beliefs. The ones that are loved. She assists Bernard, when he asks her to redecorate the bought apartments. Will she succeed while knowing that Bernard has a big ego?

What is in it for you? You get to read the book before the rest of the world. Reading my book makes me happy. 
You would make me very happy and help me get the word spread about this new book. What are the next steps? 
If you are willing to help me, then I ask you to register for a mailing list via my site. Once done, you will receive the ebook in a format that fits best to you. Sorry, no printed versions yet.

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You then read it and write your review on one of the following sites: (other sites might follow, as I’m not sure about them). The more sites you visit and leave your review the happier you make me. That’s it. No more things to do.

If you don’t have the time to read and review the book, no problem. There is so much to read, to explore out there in the big world. Is it ok in that situation that I ask you another time?

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Thank you,
Steve Alink