Jacob typed with such a force that it seemed he wanted to give extra pressure to the text he was entering in the textbox. He typed some words bold others italic. Even some sentences in another font size. He found it his daily job to comment on what other forum members had placed in the various threads. Now he was entering his anger thoughts on a comment of someone with the name w84me.
Jacob was pleased with his reply and as he had been entering replies on posts for the last two hours or so, he deserved a good cup of coffee. The stronger the better. He just liked it that way. In earlier times he had had an espresso machine, but when it broke down due to the times that Jacob had used it.
So now Jacob had nothing else to do then go out and get himself to a coffee shop. There were several in the neighborhood. He loved ‘Bean Me Up’ for its espresso and carrot cake. He neared the spot and noticed something had happened to the store. Its front window was totally gone. Some sharp remainders of glass were still in place, but the larger part was out of the frame and laying on the street like an early snowfall. Several persons had their phone in front of them most likely to take pictures or make a video. He recognized one of the waitresses and asked what had happened. She looked at Jacob and he saw a blink in her eye that was some sort of a recognition. She told him that it had happened less than 5 minutes ago. A heavy thud had sounded and after that a sharp and high-frequency sound. She pointed out to Jacob that their shop was not the only one that had a broken window. With her long right index finger, she clarified that 4 shops near theirs had the same problem. Jacob saw that the glass was shattered in multiple places and was stupefied with the consequence. While others saw debris and dirt, he saw crystals, no diamonds. The glass reflected the early sunshine in million places and now that he focused on this phenomenon, he was attracted by the sight. Was he in some sort of star land. Amazing how nice the sight was from his spot. Quickly he drew his own cell phone and took several pictures. Not that he expected that he could capture the magnitude of the lights, but still it was worthwhile to try it. He had to take it with him for a blog that he was about to write on this. Jacob had the global story in his mind and he would start the blog with the title ‘Stars are not always far away’.
Jacob looked around and was aware of yet another dreamlike happening. He saw that photo lights were put at various locations and pedestrians were stopped at both sides of the street. No entry and no exit anymore for those between the stars!
It went silent just after a few pigeons had made their entrance. An easy lounge rhythm was heard as it came from one of the youngster’s fashion shops with a broken window. The atmosphere turned into something magical and soon people felt that they were lifted in one way or another. It seemed that the time stood still. “If this is heaven”, Jacob thought, he would not leave soon. Photos were taken and at the start of a new song young female and male models were walking from a store onto the ‘crystals’ towards the other end of the street and mad a turn. This was an image Jacob would not soon forget. It seemed like a postcard that was cut and folded in various ways and seemed a three-dimensional image. Flashes all over the place. Jacob started to walk with one of the models. The others didn’t mind and even sheered up to him. The models followed a route right through the broken windows and when they neared the coffee shop, Jacob noticed the letters with the name had changed slightly. He was lifted and saw the crystals becoming smaller and smaller. Only when the light faded the minor change in the shops’ name came into his conscious: “Beam me Up”.
The blog was never written by Jacob.
Written: July 2018